Quadcopter Tri-color Speed Lighting System (1 Set)

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Quadcopter Tri-color Speed Lighting System (1 Set)

Add the latest night flying tech to your quadcopter with the Tri-color speed lighting system. The lighting system has tri-color LED strips that are connected to the throttle channel on your receiver via the PCB controller, as you throttle up the light intensity increases and changes color from blue to yellow and eventually brilliant red at full throttle.

The plug and play system is simple and easy to install and requires no soldering or modification
The light strips have self adhesive backing for easy mounting and are terminated with 4 pin JR style connectors. To power the lights simply connect the system to the balance lead of your battery.

• Tri-color Lighting strips that change color in line with throttle input.
• Super bright LED illumination
• Perfect for night flying and racing
• Suits all quadcopter frame sizes
• No additional soldering required
Input Voltage: 3s 11.1~12.6v
Working Current: 80mA (each)
Light Strips: 3 color (blue, yellow, red)
Light Strip Length: 100mm
PCB Size: 36 x 36mm
Weight: 26g

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