MrRC Sound TT-25 Sound Transducer

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MrRC Sound TT-25 Sound Transducer MrRC Sound TT-25 Sound Transducer Europe HobbyKing Out Of Stock $26.60
137 g
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A revolution in how sound for your RC aircraft or ground vehicle is made!  The TT-25 is not a speaker, but a new product that turns your whole airplane into the speaker!  Almost half the weight, smaller size, better bass response, and NO NEED TO CUT HOLES to install speakers!

Up to 108db from a single TT-25 at 1M on only 12V and 0.5A!

For use with MrRC Sound V4.1 Speakerless Sound System found here.


• No need to cut holes in your airframe
• Up to 108db from 1!
• Only 2.6oz.
• Fast install

Weight: 2.7oz
Input Voltage: 11.1~29.6V 3~8S

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