Mini Wireless Micro Security Camera Cam With Full System

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Mini Wireless Micro Security Camera Cam With Full System
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Description :

Mini Wireless Micro Security Camera Cam With Full System

It is a Wireless Color Camera Set with Audio and Video set. A good kit for surveillance.

This system can be applied to various areas, such as Surveillance for Shops,  Factories, Warehouses, HOME - Monitoring Children,Elders, Visitors etc. The physical size of camera is really small and it is easy to hide in different locations and hard to be discovery.
Very easy to set up, only need using the AV cable linking with the devices.

Specifications :

Imaging sensor : 1/3" CMOS
CMOS total pixels : Pal 628 x 582; NTSC 510 x 492
Horizontal resolution : 380 TV lines
View angle : 62
Minimum illumination : 1.5 Lux / F1.5
Gain control : automatic
Frequency : ISM 900-1200 Mhz
Unobstructed effective range : 50m
Channel frequency : 900-1200 Mhz

Receiver Specifications:
Power Supply: AC-DC adapter (DC >6V 800 mA)
Consumption Current: 400 mA
Power consumption: Approx.3W
Operation Temperature: -10C-50C/>14F->122F
Storage Temperature: -40C->85C/-40F>185F
Operation Humidity: 85%RH

Size : 115 x 80 x 21 mm

Radio Frequency : 
Demodulation Type: FM
Frequency: ISM 900 MHz-1230 MHz
Intermediate Frequency: 480 MHz
Antenna:50 ohm F-Connector
Receiving Sensitivity: <-75 dBm

Package included :

1 x Wireless Mini Camera
1 x 1.2GHz Wireless Receiver
1 x AV Cables
2 x  Power adapter

Comes with a mini plug adaper according to your country~

Details pictures :

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