HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module For Arduino

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HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module For Arduino

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Note: This module does not suitable for IOS system.

This is HC-05 wireless bluetooth RF transceiver module for Arduino
CSR Bluetooth Chip Solution
Bluetooth Spec v2.0+EDR Compliant
Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) compliant with V2.0.E.2 of specification for both 2Mbps and 3Mbps modulation modes
Full Speed Bluetooth Operation with Full Piconet Support and Scatternet Support
Incredible small size with 3.3V input, and RoHS Compliant
UART interface and with baudrate setup function
Support for 8Mbit External Flash Onboard
Support for 802.11Co-Existence


Bluetooth protocol: Bluetooth Specification v2.0+EDR
USB protocol: USB v1.1/2.0
Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band
Modulation: GFSK(Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying)
Transmit power: ≤4dBm, Class 2
Sensitivity: ≤-84dBm at 0.1% BER
Rate: Asynchronous: 2.1Mbps(Max) / 160 kbps
Synchronous: 1Mbps/1Mbps
Security features: Authentication and encryption
Support profiles: Bluetooth serial port (master & slave)
Power Supply: +3.3VDC 50mA
Working temperature: –25 ~ +75 Centigrade


Mouse, keyboard, joystick
Computers and peripherals
GPS Receiver
Industrial control

Package included:

1 x HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth RS232

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