FTDI Basic 5V USB Transfer TTL MWC Programmer

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FTDI Basic 5V USB transfer TTL MWC programmer


100% brand new FTDI Basic 5V USB
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FTDI USB to UART TTL tool for Ard development board and a variety of MWC flight control, fringe 6Pin 2.54 DuPont female, can directly be connected directly with the MWC flight control, easy to upgrade or modify the program.

Package includes:
1 X FTDI Basic 5V
containing miniUSB cable

Download the driver and application:
1.Windows 32/64 driver 2.08.14 : Download
2.Arduino  0023 : Download
3.MWC firmware with the latest version of the configuration process: Download
4.Arduino with MWC configuration procedures are needed to support JAVA virtual machine, you can go to the official website to download JAVA : Download

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