2mm Double Sided Adhesive Sticky Tape For Fix Screen LCD Cover

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2mm Double Sided Adhesive Sticky Tape For Fix Screen LCD Cover

2mm Double Sided Adhesive Sticky Tape For Fix Screen LCD Cover

100%Brand New
Size: 2mm
Material: Non woven fabric, acrylic acid adhesive
Short Time Temp Resistant: 120 centi-degree
Long Time Temp Resistant: 80 centi-degree

Made of non-woven cloth and coating with acrylic on both sides, half transparant color, very easy to operate, good Durability, temperature withstanding, strong adhesive, waterproof.
Function : Dedicated black double-sided stick tape for Mobile phone .Ultrathin .Ultra Powerful .Suitable for repairing Mobile Phone,such as stick shell ,screen ,flex cable and so on.
Usage: normally used for case, pannel, lcd, led, etc. adhesive.

Application Techniques
1. Bond strength is dependent upon the amount of adhesiveto- surface contact developed. Firm application pressure develops better adhesive contact & thus improves bond strength.
2. To obtain optimum adhesion, the bonding surfaces must be clean dry and well unified. A typical surface cleaning solvent is isopropyl alcohol & water. Use proper safety precautions for handling solvents.
3. Ideal tape application temperature range is 21°C to 38°C (70°F to 100°F). Initial tape application to surfaces at temperatures below 10°C(50°F) is not recommended because the adhesive becomes too firm to adhere readily. However once properly applied low temperature holding is generally satisfactory.

* Pleas be sure the surface is clean before adhesive,
* best adhesive temperature is 21~38C.

Package Included:
1x 2mm Double Sided Tape

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