G.T.Power Motor Sensor Hall Tester For RC Car

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G.T.Power Motor Sensor Hall Tester For RC Car


Brand Name: G.T.Power
Item Name: Motor Sensor Tester
Working Current: 20mA
Working Voltage: 9V
Length of hall line: 120mm
Weight: aout 50g

Applicable to test the sensor of the sensored motor
Small volume, convenient to carry
Equipped with a 9V battery
Use LED to display the test condition

The following status indicates something wrong with the sensor:
1.three lights are always not on
2.three lights are always on
3.one light is always on
4.one light is not on

1.please make sure the product far away from heat,fire,direct sunlight
2.please avoid water,corrosive gase,dust and wet environment
3.please do not dismantle,reassemble the product,avoid to collision and impact to damage the product

Package Included:
1 x Motor Sensor Tester
1 x Manual

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