DYMOND Smart X 100 BEC

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DYMOND Smart X 100 BEC


    Top performance microprocessor with a tact frequency up to 50 MHZ for an excellent compatibility with the most motors and a high drive efficiency.
    Max. motor speed:
      210000 rpm at an engine with 2 poles
      70000 rpm at an engine with 6 poles
      35000 rpm at an engine with 12 poles
    Different modes: plane mode / Heli-Governor Off / Heli-Governor (Elf) / Heli –Governor Store (store the revolutions)
    Lernable gas paths for linear adjustment of the revolutions and fast response, compatible with various radios
    An separately voltage supply for the microprocessor
    The ESC have an top performance BEC with different settings 5,2V – 6,0V – 7,4V – 8,4V
    totally new and easy handling programming
    improved ESC-algorithm for an excellent response
    automatically rotations could be stopped with a “restart function” – to restart the motor fast
    separately output for a revolutions signal for external ESC
    The ESC is compatible to a separate and optional LCD-programming box
    The ESC can be connected and updated via USB to a PC
    Several safety devices for a longer life time:
    Protection recognize of deviations by input voltage
    Over voltage protection
    Protection at signal breakdown by the gas channel
    The ESC recognize automatically the number of cells


    For planes or 480-550 Helis
    Number of cells: 2 – 6S LiPo, 5,2V - 25,2V
    Max. current: 100A / 150A
    BEC output: adjustable voltage 6,0V / 7,4V / 8,4V – constant current 10A, short-term 25A
    Cable: input 12 AWG  / outlet 12 AWG
    Dimensions: 70 x 35 x 32 mm
    Weight: 110 g

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