Wild Turbo Fan (WTF) Windy Motor Cooling Fan - 34x16mm

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Wild Turbo Fan (WTF) Windy Motor Cooling Fan - 34x16mm
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Wild Turbo Fan (WTF) Windy Motor Cooling Fan - 34x16mm
One of the most important accessories you can add to your RC car, whether you are a weekend warrior on the track or you simply enjoy a bash around the park, is a motor cooling fan as it will allow you to go faster for longer. Whether you increase speed with a bigger battery or different gear ratio the motor will get hotter and the cooler the motor is the more efficient it is, so you need to put a fan on it...a really strong fan! 

In the past RC motor fans have been made for delicate electronics equipment and not specifically designed for the needs of RC; the team at WTF decided that it was time to develop a fan that met the rigours of RC and at the same time increased airflow around the motor, the result is the Windy Motor Cooling Fan the first purpose built fan for RC motors.

Not only does the Windy increase airflow through the use of a unique trumpet intake which allows for faster, less turbulent airflow, it is also built rock solid to endure the challnges of your RC activities. Once you have switched over to the WTF Windy you won't consider any other fan again.

• The only purpose made cooling fan for RC model
• Industry first special trumpet intake mouth to smooth & accelerate air for intake
• Dual ball bearings constructions
• Very strong construction compared to all 30mm x 10 mm fan on the market
• Same mounting point as conventional 30mm fan
• Cooler coil temperatures as the routed air though the extended opening cools coil before entering the blade
• Extra cooling space of the electronics at the bottom of the case


Weight: 12.5g
Size : 34mm x 34mm x 16mm
Operating Voltage : 6V~8.4V
RPM Range: 23000+@8.4V
Current: 0.48A@8.4V
Thrust: 7g+@8.4V
Plug : JR

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