2.4Ghz 2000mW Radio Signal Booster Set

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2.4Ghz 2000mW Radio Signal Booster Set

Looking to increase your range without purchasing an expensive new Transmitter? HobbyKing™ have just the solution!The 2.4Ghz 2000mW Radio Signal Booster Set is a DIY kit that provides a massive 2000mW of transmitting power! Not only does the signal booster increase your range, it also reduces interference from other devices, such as 5.8Ghz signals.

• Increase transmitting power to 2000mW
• Simple and easy to Install
• Reduces interference from other transmitting devices

Transmitting Gain: 11dB±1.5dB
Receiving Figure: ≤3.0dB
Input Power Range: 4dBm-20dBm
Peak Power: 33dBm;2W (input power + amplifier power)
Power Supply: 5V-15V
Current: ≤400ma
Antenna Gain: 5DBI
Output Connector: SMA
Size: 62 x 32 x 10mm
Weight: 36g
LED Color: Blue

Please Note: To install this system your transmitter will require modification and a reasonable soldering skill level is required to complete the installation.

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