HobbyKing™ SS Series 190-200A ESC (Opto only)

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HobbyKing™ SS Series 190-200A ESC (Opto only) HobbyKing™ SS Series 190-200A ESC (Opto only) Europe HobbyKing In Stock $37.47
162 g
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The HobbyKing™ SS series comes with a range of programming functions whilst being designed for plug & play use. This speed controller can be used straightaway without any complicated programming or you can change the settings very simply using your transmitter thottle stick.

The HobbyKing™ SS series has several self protection features including low voltage, thermal, stalled motor and loss of signal cut-offs. They also have auto advance timing set as standard which suits just about all the standard types of out-runner motors on the market today.

Default settings:
• Brake off
• Lipoly battery
• Low voltage 3V per cell
• Standard rotation
• Auto timing
• Soft start
• Helicopter off
• Frequency 8kHz
• Low voltage-decrease power

Programming options:
• LiPoly/Nimh-Nicad
• No brake and 3 brake settings
• Reverse rotation
• 2 x Voltage cut-off settings
• 2 x Low voltage settings
• 3 x Timing settings + auto
• PWM options
• 2 x Helicopter modes

A perfect solution for anyone looking for a simple yet reliable ESC at a price everyone can afford.

• High performance microprocessor
• High RPM - Up to 210,000RPM (2 poles)
• Smooth linear throttle response
• Unique circuit design, strong anti-interference
• Low voltage cut-off protection
• Overheating protection
• Auto shut down when signal lost
• Easy throttle range calibration
• TX programing options

Max Current: 190A
Burst: 200A
Weight: 118g
Size: 64x40x26mm
LiPoly: 2-6 cells
BEC: None
Voltage Cut Off: 2.8V, 3.0v and 3.2v per cell Lipo

See under "Files" tab for operating manual.

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