Adjustable Glove Mount For GoPro or Turnigy Action Cams (Large)

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Adjustable Glove Mount For GoPro or Turnigy Action Cams (Large)

The glove mount is the ideal mounting solution for your action camera and is perfect for skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, paddle sports, the list is endless. The glove mount is ideal for any sport where you want to get a "lower than helmet" view of the action.

All in all it's a more immersive way to film than on a helmet, with this mount you will capture the full motion of your activity as you move your hand. Fully adjustable, the glove mount harness is one of the most popular mounts for action cameras, and is as versatile as you would like it to be!

The glove mount is compatible with the Turnigy Action Cam and all GoPro series cameras.

• Polycarbonate construction
• Fully adjustable to provide a perfect fit
• Securing hook and loop buckle to ensure your harness does not come loose
• Can be used for almost any application

Material: Elastic / Polycarbonate construction
Weight: 70g

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