FatShark Trinity 3 Axis External Head Tracker

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FatShark Trinity 3 Axis External Head Tracker

The Trinity 3 Axis Head Tracker is the result of pairing an accurate 9DFO IMU with a revolutionary vector algorithm that anticipates and maps real head motion. The Trinity delivers the smoothest and most accurate 3 axis head tracker ever, the performance is flawless.

With its rapid fluid motion and zero error the head tracker is so natural that it becomes an extension of your environment and you soon forget that you are even using it. The Trinity is a quantum leap in head tracking performance and it will change how FPV pilots fly.

Included with the head tracker are a Futaba and a JR data cable and 2 types of headset powering cables, one for sharing power and one for supplying power.

• 3 Axis (Pan/Roll/Tilt)
• Magnetic compass sensor
• Inertial accelerometer sensor
• Gyroscope sensor
• Includes Futaba and JR data cable

Type: 3 axis external head tracker
Dimensions: 58 x 34 x 19mm
Axis: Pan/Roll/Tilt
Weight: 25g (exc cables)

FatShark Trinity 3 Axis External Head Tracker
Futaba Data Cable
JR Data Cable
Trinity Power Cable
Trinity Jumper Cable

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