Assault 450L Flybarless 3D Helicopter Kit

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Assault 450L Flybarless 3D Helicopter Kit
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The Assault 450L assembly kit follows on from the already popular range of Assault 450 helicopters. It features a range of improved and upgraded parts whilst retaining the functionalilty and quality that you have come to expect from this superb range of helicopters. Even more of those fantastic CNC machined aluminum parts with many of them anodised an eye catching green.

Some of these improved features are as follows:

• Helical pinion and main drive gear for reduced slop and wear
• Longer tail boom (385mm), this is 40mm longer than the earlier versions
• Larger main rotor diameter (will accept up to 360mm rotor blades)
• Larger tailrotor diameter (67mm tail blades)
• Re-designed and improved carbon side frames
• Tail is torque tube driven for improved tail response
• More parts are CNC machined from aluminum and less are molded nylon
• Improved rotor head and swashplate system
• Fully CNC machined tailrotor gearbox with nylon bevel gears
• CNC machined aluminum motor mount
• Quick release sliding battery tray

The list goes on and are too numerous to mention here but there is one more that is a little different, the 450L has a CNC machined tail servo mount fitted between the main frames under the tailboom. This stiffens the frame at this point and also gives a nice straight linkage to the tail. It has also been made large enough to carry the slightly larger and stronger tail servos that are on the market today.

Type: Collective pitch flybarless 3D helicopter
Main Rotor Diameter: 755mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 175mm
Main Gear: 130T
Pinion Gear: 11T
Main Gear Ratio: 11.82
Length: 765mm
Height: 205mm
Weight: 410g (frame only)

Assault 450L assembly kit
Tail rotor blades
Blade support caddy
Cable ties and assembly hardware
Helical motor pinion (11T)
Assembly manual

3 x High torque metal geared mini servos (max length 24mm)
1 x High speed tail rotor servo (max length 36.5mm)
1 x Flybarless system
1 x 450 size brushless helicopter motor (1700~2100Kv)
1 x 2200mah 3S LiPoly battery
1 x 40~60amp ESC
1pr Main rotor blades (max 335mm)
1 x 6ch Transmitter and receiver
1 x Charger for 3S LiPoly batteries

NOTE: For a full listing of spare parts click here

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