TBS Discovery Top/Bottom Plate

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TBS Discovery Top/Bottom Plate

The TBS Discovery is a durable, crash resistant multirotor optimized for dynamic FPV flight.

By integrating all of the wiring into the frame the Discovery is a quick and straightforward build and outperforms similar quads in terms of FPV range and video link quality.

DJI Flamewheel arms provide predetermined "weak link" to protect your centrally mounted electronics in the event of a crash and are quickly replaceable in the field.

The Discovery comprises 2 main boards (top and bottom) and optional Flamewheel arms with accessories. It transforms the popular F450 (Flamewheel) into a spider multirotor.

A forward mounted camera platform is suitable for your Turnigy Action Cam,  GoPro and FPV camera. It is positioned so that it avoids having the props in view for the ultimate FPV experience.

As an upgrade , you can use the optional TBS Love Seat as a vibration-free mount for your cameras.

The TBS CORE is an optional upgrade and fits directly to the bottom plate.

Top/bottom plate Features:
• Pre-wired for TBS CORE  
• Sockets for plug & play A/V Tx and camera
• 50A current sensor
• Action Cam/GoPro and FPV camera mounts
• Power Distribution Board
• Traces and pads for clean RC receiver to Flight Control wiring
• RSSI trace to the TBS CORE

Top, Bottom and Camera Mount Plate
8 custom aluminum red anodized spacers & 16 fitting screws
Pin headers for receiver and TBS CORE installation

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