TBS CORE P&P25 OSD/Power Module

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The TBS CORE P&P25 is a development of the TBS CORE, tailored for lightweight FPV aircraft such as the Hobbyking™ Teksumo, X-1 or TBS caipirinha.

The main advantage over the standard CORE is the inclusion of pre-soldered connectors and cables - no soldering required!

A regulated supply provides either 5 or 12V to your A/V transmitter and camera regardless of input voltage and the TBS CORE P&P25 can supply video transmitters with up to 1W of emitted power (EIRP) and a standard FPV camera - or charge a GoPro camera.

The included OSD provides real-time info on battery status, flight time and RSSI. If your setup includes a EzUHF 8ch receiver (diversity or lite,) the digital RSSI info can be displayed using the separate EzUHF link cable. The onboard microphone transmits the on-board sounds down your video transmitter.

By including a 25A current sensor into a tiny form factor the CORE P&P25 is an ideal companion for any small FPV aircraft. The current sensor is ready calibrated as supplied, but can be calibrated from the OSD if needed.

In a nutshell, the TBS CORE P&P25 makes FPV setups super-easy and provides a safety feature every small FPV plane should have. No more cutouts due to low voltage, single battery FPV systems prevent you from forgetting to charge spare batteries, the simplified wiring reduces points of failure.

Installation is fool proof: Plug your battery into the JST/BEC connector and power all your plane's electronics from the other JST/BEC connector. The current sensor automatically measures the current passing through this cable. Plug in the A/V Tx (5V default) and the camera (12V default).

• Plastic enclosure and connector-sockets (Molex Picoblade) for all ports
• OSD with integrated current sensor, RSSI and battery voltage display
• EzUHF digital link support
• Onboard microphone included
• Reverse polarity protection
• Extremely low ripple and low RF noise, two stage filtered and shielded.

Input: 2 x 6.4~25.2V (2~6S LiPoly)
Output: 5V @ 2A OR 12V @ 0.6A
Max A/V Tx output: 1W (with cooling)
Connectors: JST/BEC
Dimensions: 47 x 27 x 12mm
Weight: 12g

The EzUHF Link cable is required to connect your EzUHF 8ch Lite or EzUHF 8ch Diversity receiver to the TBS CORE P&P25. The 4ch EzUHF receiver does not provide the link port.

For powering 5V cameras (e.g. GoPro Hero) or 12V transmitters, open the TBS CORE P&P25's rear 4 screws and change the solder jumpers at the bottom of the internal board. The solder jumpers are clearly labelled.

If you'd like to pass external telemetry or audio from an external microphone, you can set the solder jumper for this at the bottom of the internal board as well. The audio in is the white cable on the CAM port.

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