PICHLER Bergfalke 3000mm (fabric foil / antique-like)

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The Scheibe Bergfalke is a German glider designed by Egon Scheibe as a post-World War II development of the Akaflieg München Mü13 produced before and during the war.

The Bergfalke has a great flight silhoutte and very good thermal properties. On slopes, the Bergfalke is in his element. The tow hook is already factory installed.

    ARF model in first-class wood construction (laser cut)
    Pre-covered with original ORATEX tissue (Antique Red)
    Up wings design, 2 pcs. with carbon joiner
    Fully profiled tail and rudder
    Factory-installed tow hook ready
    Electrical spoilers (optional)
    Fantastic Flight silhouette
    Removable cockpit with power magnets
    Cockpit with two pilots
    Including accessories and illustrated instructions

The package of this product has over 1.20 m in length, it falls to corresponding surcharges. Specifications: Wingspan approx.: 3000 mm Fuselage length approx.: 1490 mm Weight: 2750 (flying) Weight (ready to fly): 2900 g Wing area approx.: 65 dm² RC-Function/accessory recommendation: Elevator: 1x D 7550 MG Siderudder: 1x D 7550 MG Aileron: 2x D 260 MG Lift dumpers: 185 mm electric Tow coupling: 1x D 4000 Needed to complete: Servos: DYMOND D 7550 (2x) / DYMOND D 260 (2x) / DYMOND D 4000 (1x)

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