Staufenbiel RED BULL F4U-4 CORSAIR 1400mm PNP

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Staufenbiel RED BULL F4U-4 CORSAIR 1400mm PNP

Race like ther pros – use the semi scale warbird F4U-4 Corsair of the Flying Bulls®.

The Red Bull F4U-4 Corsair from Staufenbiel looks great in the sky being a semi scale replic of the original. It is made out of high density EPO and very much prefabricated. Most of the components are pre installed and make it super easy and fast to bring this airplane into the air. Red Bull F4U Corsair is designed for a wide envelope of speeds. It is a perfect balance between a good appearance, minimum assembly time, great price performance and an affordable price.+

Semi Scale appearance
The intense cooperation with the Flying Bulls from Red Bull and Staufenbiel was the foundation fort he success of this project – a gorgeous looking replication of originals Red Bull F4U Corsair.

Elecrtric retracts
One of the highlights of this RC model is the pre installed retract system. The retracts look great and are very close to the original. It is very sturdy and can take lots of stress. Obviously retracting the gear makes the airplane look even better in the air and allows higher speeds due to lower resistance.

Working and close to scale flaps
The flap system of the Corsair is complex due to the wing geometry. We were able to design a flap system very close to the original. It offers very good slow flight characteristics and allows pointed landing. It is a blast to Split S the airplane with flpas deployed. The typical humming noise of the flaps with full throttle is a great show and experience.

Bright Position lights
The Red Bull F4U-4 Corsair comes with fully installed position lights. It gives the airplane an even more scale experience and also allows a better orientation in the air.

Robust Design
The model airplane is made out of firm high density EPO foam. The foam is repairable with super glue if something should happen.

Build and painted
The model is equipped with a fully installed motor and ESC with SBEC. A total of 8 servos are installed and hinged to the control surfaces. It is very easy to finish the model with only a few steps. The whole model is painted and fully decorated in Red Bull livery


    semi scale airplane Red Bull F4U-4 Corsair with lots of details
    sturdy high density EPO construction
    8 servo, motor and ESC pre installed
    electric retract system and stearable front wheel
    spinner with 4 blade prop included
    high intense LED positionlights installed
    power system for 14.8V Lipos
    working flaps
    manual in three languages
Specification: Wingspan approx.: 1400 mm Fuselage length approx.: 1240 mm Wing area approx.: 34,3 dm² Weight (ready to fly): 2440 g Center of gravity: 95 mm Type of construction/material wing: EPO Type of construction/material fuselage: EPO Flight time: 7 Min. Box contents: Accesories built-in/included: built-in Motor: Brushless 4250 (540 kV) ESC: Brushless 70 A / SBEC 5 A Servos: 6x 17 g / 2x 9 g Propeller: 14 x 8" Spinner: incl. Landing gear: incl. RC-Function/accessory recommendation: Aileron: 2x 17 g (incl.) Elevator: 1x 17 g (incl.) Siderudder: 1x 17 g (incl.) Airbrakes: 2x 17 g (incl.) Motor: 1x 70 A (incl.) Landing gear: 2x 9 g (incl.) Needed to complete: Radio: min. 6-Channel Receiver: min. 6-Channel Batteries: DYMOND LiPo 2400mAh 4S Charger: DYMOND Power 80 Accessories: Stab 3X Gyro

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