Staufenbiel RED BULL EDGE 540 1320mm PNP

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Staufenbiel RED BULL EDGE 540 1320mm PNP

Acrobatics like a pro – with the semi scale acrobatic airplane Edge 540 of the Flying Bulls®.

It is a famous airplane, it is being used in lots of air shows, pilots love it for its performance and capabilities – the Edge 540 from Red Bull. And like the real airplane we were able to bring all the positives alive in this RC model. It can be fast, it is highly maneuverable and it performs on the edge. It is a great addition to everybody’s hangar who loves to do acrobatics. The model is made from high density EPO. It is highly pre manufacturers so that you will bring the model into the air in a very short time. And being in its element it will convince you. The visual appearance in the air is just state of the air.

3D capable with no limits
This model has no shortage of performance and is completely 3D capable. And it is nice that even with this huge performance potential it is still easy to fly. There is no acrobatic maneuver that this airframe is not capable of. The plane is very stiff and robust and can be flow full power in any situation

Scale look
We were able to come as close to the original as possible because we enjoyed a fruitful cooperation with the team of the Flying Bulls. The result is magnificent and the airplane a true beauty.

Solid design
The airplane has a very solid deign and is very robust. It is made for fast load changes and for extreme mechanical loads. It will hold under any circumstances and at all speeds. The material is a high density EPO that can be repaired with super glue in case something wnet wrong.

Highly pre build and decorated
The airplane is highly pre build. The motor and ESC with SBEC are pre installed. The servos are build in and hinged to the control surfaces. The model can be in the air within a very short amount of time and easy assembly steps. It is obviously fully painted and decorated.

Performace power system
The set includes a very powerful motor and a 60A ESC with 3A SBEC. It is designed to be operated with a 4S Lipo, 2400 mAh.


    semi scale replication of the Flying Bulls Edge 540 with lots of details
    very sturdy high density EPO material
    all servos, motor and ESC pre installed
    solid landing gear, spinner and 3 blade prop included
    very powerful power system for 4S Lipo
    3D capable without limits
    pre balanced control surfaces
    includes a multi lingual instruction manual
Specification: Wingspan approx.: 1320 mm Fuselage length approx.: 1270 mm Wing area approx.: 32,3 dm² Weight (ready to fly): 1680 g Center of gravity: 80 mm Type of construction/material wing: EPO Type of construction/material fuselage: EPO Flight time: 7 Min. Box contents: Accesories built-in/included: built-in Motor: Brushless 3948 (760kV) ESC: Brushless 60 A / SBEC 3 A Servos: 4x 17 g MG Propeller: 13 x 5" Spinner: incl. RC-Function/accessory recommendation: Aileron: 2x 17 g (incl.) Elevator: 1x 17 g (incl.) Siderudder: 1x 17 g (incl.) Motor: 1x 60 A (incl.) Needed to complete: Radio: min. 4-Channel Receiver: min. 4-Channel Batteries: DYMOND LiPo 2400mAh 4S Charger: DYMOND Power 80 Accessories: Stab 3X Gyro

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