Peacock Compact Hand Warmer

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Peacock Compact Hand Warmer
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We all love flying or operating our models in the summer time when its nice and warm but a lot of us are not so keen during the winter. Trying to feel the sticks with cold hands and fingers is a nightmare, not anymore if you have a Peacock Hand Warmer. The Peacock Hand Warmer will last all day on just one filling of liquid fuel so that you can keep it in your pocket and take the chill out of your hands and fingers whilst on the flying field, or down at the lake or the car track.

The Peacock Hand Warmer is made of brass/nickel and is beautifully finished. It is very easy and simple to fill with the recommended fuel by using the supplied plastic filling cup, then once filled and alight you then slide it into the velveteen bag and seal the velcro for all day warmth.

The hand warmer is perfect for modellers but it is also perfect for when doing winter sports, fishing, golfing, hikers and many other outdoor pursuits which you want to still do in the cold weather.

The hand warmer is very safe to use as it uses a flameless platinum-catalyzed glass fiber burner. It is very important to use the recommended fuel in the warmer otherwise a fire may be started or it will destroy the special burner.

This is a genuine HAKKIN PEACOCK hand warmer made in Japan, not an inferior copy.

Recommended Fuels:
• Regular named hand warmer fluid
• Benzine (not benzene)
• Pure white gasoline
• Lighter fuel

Length: 100mm
Width: 67mm
Depth: 14mm
Weight: 75g

Peacock Hand Warmer
Velveteen Bag
Plastic Filling Cup

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