FQ777-124 Pocket Drone 4CH 6Axis Gyro Quadcopter With Switchable Controller (RTF) (Red)

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FQ777-124 Pocket Drone 4CH 6Axis Gyro Quadcopter With Switchable Controller (RTF) (Red)

The FQ777-124 is the ultimate in portable quadcopters, this nano quad is small and light enough to fit literally anywhere! in fact the quadcopter is so small it even fits within a special compartment within the Tx making it small enough to drop the complete system straight into your pocket!

Not only does the Tx double up as a handy storage compartment, it also charges the LiPoly battery whilst on the move, on the beach or even in the classroom!

The FQ777-124 is fitted with a 6 axis gyro making it super stable and easy to fly indoors or outdoors. For the less experienced pilot the quadcopter has a one key return to home function and for the more experienced pilot the quadcopter has an acro button, simply push the stick in any direction whilst holding the acro button and the quadcopter will perform a 360 degree flip and return to level flight.

Whether you fly in mode 1 or mode 2 the FQ777-124 has it covered, simply flick the switch on the back of the Tx to toggle between mode 1 and 2. The rear of the Tx also houses some handy accessories which includes a prop guard set, undercarriage and a spare set of props!

• Ultra compact ready to fly nano quadcopter
• Built-in 6 axis gyro
• Easy to fly indoors and outdoors
• One key return to home function
• 3D Flip button
• Suitable for Mode 1 and Mode 2 pilots
• Field charging capability direct from the Tx
• Supplied complete with accessories and spare props

Quad Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 30mm
Transmitter Dimensions: 140 x 85 x 40mm
Flight Duration: 5-6 minutes
Battery: 3.7v 100mAH (Included)
Range: 50 metres
Channels: 4

4 x AA batteries

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