Aerostar 50A Electronic Speed Controller with 5A BEC (2~6S)

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Aerostar 50A Electronic Speed Controller with 5A BEC (2~6S)
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Aerostar 50A Electronic Speed Controller with 5A BEC (2~6S) Aerostar 50A Electronic Speed Controller with 5A BEC (2~6S) Europe HobbyKing Out Of Stock $25.44
78 g
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The Aerostar range of brushless speed controllers are designed for fixed wing aircraft. They feature super smooth start up, linear throttle response, multiple protection features, all at a fantastic price.

Although primarily designed for fixed wing aircraft they do also include  a soft start and heli mode making them a good low cost alternative ESC for your next helicopter project.

Installation is very straightforward as these speed controllers come "plug & play", no soldering required, they are pre-fitted with an XT60 connector and 3 x 3.5mm gold connectors.

Programming can be done either using the transmitter and listening to the tones or you can use the dedicated programming card (see "Related Items").

• Pre-installed motor and battery connections
• Propeller Brake
• Battery type (nimh or lipo)
• Low voltage cut-off
• Adjustable motor timing
• Soft start for gearboxes and helicopters
• Heli mode
• Motor rotation
• Over heating and lost signal protection
• Low voltage cut-off type

Default settings:
• Brake: Off
• Battery type: Lipo (auto cell detect)
• Low voltage cut-off: 3.2V (60%)
• Timing: Automatic
• Start up acceleration: Soft
• Heli mode: Off
• Motor rotation: Normal
• Frequency: 16Hz
• Voltage cut-off: Reduce power

Type: Aerostar 50amp electronic speed controller
Input Voltage: 2~6 lipoly cells/5~18 nimh cells (6~23V)
Continuous Current: 50amps
Burst Current: 60amps (10secs)
BEC Output: 5.5V/5amps
Programmable: Yes
Dimensions: 56 x 30 x 14mm
Weight: 44g
Battery Connector: XT60
Motor Connectors: 3.5mm golds
Rx Connector: JR type
Lead Length: 270mm

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