ENNIO SY5000WR-B DIY Waterproof Door Access Control System Kit Metal Case RFID Reader Keypad Remote Control Electric Door Lock

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ENNIO SY5000WR-B DIY Waterproof Door Access Control System Kit Metal Case RFID Reader Keypad Remote Control Electric Door Lock

Description :

SY5000WR-B DIY Waterproof Door Access Control System Kit Metal Case RFID Reader Keypad Remote Control Electric Door Lock

Features :

Waterproof, conforms to IP68.
High quality and high security with classical appearance.
Strong Zinc Alloy Electroplated anti-vandal case.
Designed for home and office, sensitively and response quickly.
Full programming from the keypad, easy to install and program.
Support 2000 standard users.
Built-in proximity card reader.
Built-in keypad for PIN code entry.
Built-in bell button can connect a external bell.
Backlight keys.
Supports Card, PIN, Card + PIN.
Wiegand 26 output for connection to a controller.
Lock output current short circuit protection.
Very low power consumption (30mA).
Can add card number and delete card number as your requirement.
Alarm function, Internal buzzer.
With lock relay output, secure / normal Mode, NO / NC output.

Specifications :

Environment : Conforms to IP68
User Capacity : 2000
Operating speed : <20ms
Card Reading Distance : 3 ~ 6 cm
Compatible Cards : EM4100 standard cards
Wiegand Interface : Wiegand 26 bit
Lock Output Load : < 3 A
Alarm Output Load : < 20 A
Wiring Connections : Electric Lock, Exit Button, External Alarm
Adjustable Door Relay time : 0 ~ 99 seconds
Adjustable Alarm Time : 0 ~ 3 minutes
Operation Temperature : -45°C ~ 60°C
Input Voltage : DC 12V
Input Current : Standby : < 30mA (not including attached devices)
Active Current : < 60mA (not including attached devices)
Operating Humidity : 10% ~ 90% RH
Dimension : Approx. 120 (W) x 58 (H) x 22 (D) mm
Power supply :
This is a 110V - 240V Access Control Power supply, it is made up of high quality electronic components and advanced international technology, it has anti-interference ability, provide very stable and reliable output in a various applications such as lock control / controller control/ exit button / RFID-ID Reader, etc.
It controls electric lock directly. 
Can reduce the load of access controller, save wiring to reduce the hidden trouble.
Based delay control circuit, lock time can be in 0-15 seconds.
Automatic protection function, unexpected situations such as when the power supply short-circuit occurs, the power may be temporarily disconnected or the fuse auto insurance line off.
Operative device : E/M Lock, Access Controller, Exit Push Button.
Uninterrupted power supply for access controller.
Input voltage : AC 100V - 240V, 50Hz - 60Hz
Output Voltage : 12VDC
Output current: 3A
Power : 36W
Suitable : Electic Locks
Time : 0-15Sec
Color : White
Product Size : 120 x 95 x 38mm
Material : Metal
Exit Button :
This exit button widely used in the door access control system. When you want to go out, you just need to press this Exit Button, then you can go out.

125KHz RFID Keys :
These are 10pcs 125KHz RFID Proximity ID Card, they can work with the product which has 125Khz RFID card reader.
Water resistant.
Detecting distance : 3-10cm
Operation frequency : 125Khz
Each comes with Key ring included.
Compatible with all RFID ID card reader to gain access.
Each token pre-programmed with unique ID which is printed on it.

Electric Door Lock for Glass Wooden Door :
Color : Silver
Material : Aluminum alloy
Working voltage : DC 12V
Start current : 480mA
Standard current : 85mA
5 power cables.
Provide reliable locking options for glass door or wooden door.
Dimensions : 20.0 cm x 4.2 cm x 3.3 cm

Remote Control :
This is a remote control device for Door Access Control System, after you connect it on your system, you can press the remote control to open the door remotely, the distance can reach up to 6-20 meters.

Package includes :

1 x Waterproof Door Access Control RFID Reader with Keypad Metal Case
1 x Installation Kit
1 x Installation Fixed Label
1 x User Manual
1 x Remote Control
1 x Electric Door Lock
1 x Electric Door Lock stents
10 x Access key
1 x Exit Button
1 x Power supply

Wiring Diagram :

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