G.T.Power Electronic Switch 7A/10A for Electronic Ignition Smoke

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G.T.Power Electronic Switch 7A/10A

This device used a high-power electronic switches MOST pipe, the device can be used as electronic ignition, smoke and other power electronic devices pull switch, lighting control systems, switches, camera shutter control, and other control power, current, signals switch occasions.

Brand Name: G.T.Power
Size: 25x10x5 mm
Weight: 8g
Power supply control section using the receiver for power: DC 4-8.4V
Controlled power supply input section JST Female: DC 0-40V
Output JST Male-Charged capacity: 7A maximum, 10A instantaneous
Material: Plastic
Usage: Used for most of the electronic products

Package Included:
1x G.T.Power Electronic Switch 

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