Lantian 8 x WS2812B Driving LED Lights Board Strip Built-in Full-Color For NAZE32 CC3D

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Lantian 8 x WS2812B Driving LED Lights Board Strip Built-in Full-Color For NAZE32 CC3D

Lantian 8 x WS2812 Built-in Full-Color Driving LED Lights Board NAZE32 CC3D Available

WS2812B is the second generation with  the built-in IC and 5050RGB lamp bead type with four feet.WS2812B's feet are less than WS2812 with 6 and the circuit is more conciseIt. It can be used for Naze32, CC3D flight control and can show the flight control lock / unlock, left aileron, brake, throttle, alarm and other status.
-  LED:5050 Package RGB full color highlighting WS2812B lamps*8
-  Voltage:5V(4-7V)
-  Size:51*10mm
-  Port:Digital 
-  Platform:AVR, Arduino,Naze32/CC3D Flight Control(Refurbish to be CleanFlight)
-  5050 Highlight LED,Built-in control chip.It can control one or more LED with just only one IO port.
-  Signal can Stable display and not cumulate in distortion with the Chip built-in circuit.
-  Three primary level 256 can adjust brightness.
-  160000 color image display the effect.Not less than 400 HZ/S scanning frequency.
-  Serial interface level can complete the data through a signal receiving and decoding.
-  Highlight LED, high light color brightness uniformity.
-  There are interfaces at both ends(DIN DOUT).They can be concatenated.

-  It need to refurbish CleanFlight and use PPM receivers when used in Naze32 or CC3D flight control.
-  CleanFlight supports up to four lights, namely 32 WS2812B lamp beads.
-  CC3W need Refurbish  to be CleanFlight.
-  Use PPM/SBUS receiver,PWM Receiver mismatch.
-  Only match RC Quadcopter.
-  Options election in CF assistant software:PPM Receiver,then check LED_STRIP 
-  Finally into the CF assistant software LED Strip Page Setup various states
Package Include:
1 x Full-Color Driving LED Lights Board

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