FT009 High Speed V-Hull Racing Boat 460mm - Orange (RTR)

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FT009 High Speed V-Hull Racing Boat 460mm - Orange (RTR)
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FT009 High Speed V-Hull Racing Boat 460mm - Orange (RTR) FT009 High Speed V-Hull Racing Boat 460mm - Orange (RTR) HobbyKing Out Of Stock $43.78
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The FT009 is a High Speed, V-hull racing boat that is fast, fun and easy to use. Its stylish design is nice to look at and it really performs for a boat of this size. If you capsize the FT009 during high speed cornering no problems! It has an inbuilt self-righting function, just apply the throttle and it flips up the right way. All out full speed power runs and sharp banking turns on your favourite waterway are a blast, the FT009 is a ton of fun packed into 460mm of high speed boat.

Being completely ready to run, it is great for both beginners and experienced boaters alike and would make an ideal One Design race boat for novices wanting to get into RC electric boat racing. It’s powered by a 7.4, 1500mAh V Li-ion battery which really packs a punch and comes with a 2.4GHz transmitter offering interference free running at any boating site. The motor, ESC and steering servo are all pre-installed.

A great little boat at a great price.

• Completely "Ready to Run"
• 7.4V 1500Li-ion battery powered Battery charger
• 2.4GHz transmitter included
• 100 to 150 meters operational distance
• Speed approximately 30 km/h
• Charging time approximately 4 hours
• Run time approximately 5 to 6 minutes
• Sealed receiver compartment
• Sealed main hatch
• Water cooling for motor
• Forwards, backwards, left and right directional control
• Self-righting function

Length: 460mm
Motor: 540 brushed racing motor
Battery: 7.4V 1500 MAh Li-ion
Transmitter: 2.4GHz
Color: Orange 

V-Hull Racing Boat
2.4GHz Transmitter
7.4V Li-ion Battery
110~240VAC Battery Charger (UK style plug)
Spare Propeller
Bow Bumper
Boat stand

6 x AA batteries for transmitter

Note: Check accessories listing below for mains power adapters.

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