HORIZON Blade Micro Apache AH-64 SAFE RTF (Mode 2)

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HORIZON Blade Micro Apache AH-64 SAFE RTF (Mode 2)

Fly a Scale Attack Heli with Confidence
Whenever the United States military is called upon to settle a skirmish or major conflict, the Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicopter is sure to lead the fight. That’s because few VTOL capable aircraft are as well equipped, heavily armed or self-reliant. Some RC models of the Apache are large, expensive, require significant talent to assemble and even more skill to fly. The Blade® Micro AH-64 Apache captures the pride of the U.S. Army and is officially licensed by the Boeing Aircraft Company. Standout details like a functional four-blade head, collective pitch mechanics and brushless power make it enticing to the experts, while innovative SAFE® technology makes it easy to fly, even for less-experienced pilots.

Put yourself in the action with the Blade® Micro AH-64 Apache scale helicopter. Engineered around the abilities of innovative SAFE® technology, its progressive flight mode system makes flying this highly-detailed heli as comfortable as possible, even if you’re new to collective pitch machines. Beginner mode helps keep you in control with the safety of bank limits and self-leveling so it’s possible to fly and develop your pilot skills quickly. When you’re ready to engage the field with the safeties off, Intermediate mode opens the flight envelope to explore smooth forward flight. Switch to Expert mode when you’re ready to run hot with the full complement of maneuverability inspired by the full-scale AH-64 Apache attack helicopter. Whether you’re new to scale heli flight or seasoned heli expert, this is one heli hero you won’t want to keep tied down.

SAFE® Technology
The Blade® Micro AH-64 Apache features exclusive SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology, a revolutionary electronic flight envelope protection system that helps you fly a collective pitch scale helicopter with confidence. Its progressive flight modes allow you to choose the level of assistance and maneuverability at the flip of a switch. Plus, you get the virtual protection of Panic Recovery mode that can prevent a crash at the push of a button.

Flight Modes
    Beginner mode: Limited flight envelope with self-leveling and a bank angle limit
    Intermediate mode: Full flight envelope with limits and self-leveling removed
    Expert mode: Higher head speed and increased collective pitch range for greater agility
    Panic Recovery mode: Returns the helicopter to a stable attitude

Impressive Scale Detail
The hard plastic body features a scale outline and rich detail striking enough to be officially licensed by Boeing Aircraft Company. Beyond static appearance, the four-blade head and tail add a functional level of authenticity you’ll appreciate while flying.

Brushless Power
Both the main rotor and tail rotors feature brushless outrunner motors for the power to fly outdoors and muscle through aggressive maneuvers. The main rotor is geared specifically for scale four-blade head performance. The tail rotor is a high-speed, direct-drive outrunner with a tail rotor that has a realistic four-blade appearance.

Collective Pitch Mechanics
Whether you’re flying at a large indoor area or outside patrolling your backyard, the collective pitch mechanics give a true to scale flying experience that’s both stable in forward flight and while hovering.


    Fully assembled, no building necessary
    Officially licensed model of the Boeing AH-64 attack helicopter
    SAFE® technology makes heli flight easier for anyone to learn
    Flight mode versatility allows your skills to progress faster
    Panic Recovery mode can instantly recover the heli to a level attitude
    Detailed AH-64 Apache body with extensive surface detail and trim
    Four-blade, collective pitch main rotor head
    Tough, lightweight airframe with a scale-inspired paint scheme
    Brushless main and tail motors for great power and response
    Spektrum™ AR6335 DSMX® receiver with AS3X® technology (installed)
    Direct-link, micro rotary cyclic servos (installed)
    E-flite® 400mAh 2S Li-Po flight battery and charger (included)
    Spektrum DXe transmitter with DSMX® 2.4GHz technology (included)
Specification: Length: 350 mm Width: 130 mm Height: 100 mm Main Rotor Diameter: 317,5 mm Tail Rotor Diameter: 65 mm Weight: 190 g Motor: Brushless Boc contents: Accessories built-in/included: built-in Radio: 6 Channel DSMX Receiver: Spektrum AR6335 DSMX / AS3X Batteries: 2S 400mAh LiPo Charger: incl.

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