RC Helicopter Pitch Gauge for Esky Belt CP V2 KING 3 replace EK1-0348

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Pitch Gauge For E-FLITE 400 Belt CP / v2 Trex 450 King 2 King3 walkera Rc Helicopter

1.Simple pitch gauge to set main blade angles on your RC helicopter
2.Be suitable for most blade sizes in the range 400-600 series, e.g. Esky HB king 2, Belt-CP, CP2 Eflite Blade 400 Walkera  22 36 60 etc.
3.Along with blade tracking and balancing, correct pitch will ensure good lift and keep your helicopter running sweetly
4.Automatic spring slide clip attaches to blade leaving hands free to make adjustments

Package Include:

1 x Pitch Gauge

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