HTIRC Hornet Series 30A Brushless ESC For RC Models

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HTIRC Hornet Series 30A Brushless ESC For RC Models

HTIRC Hornet Series 30A Brushless ESC For RC Models

Item:Brushless ESC
Output:Continuous 30A
BEC Output:5V/3A
Usage:for RC Models
- Utilize powerful and high-performance MCU processor. The users can set using function according to their requirements, which fully reflects the smart feature of our products as a unique advantage.
- Support unlimited rotate speed of brushless motor.
- Elaborately designed circuit with strong anti-interference.
- The starting mode can be set. The throttle response speed is very fast and the linear speed regulation is very stable. It can be used in fixed-wing aircraft and helicopter.
- Internally installed SBEC/UBEC, the operating power to start servos is strong.
- Multi protection functions: abnormal input voltage protection; battery low-voltage protection; over-heat protection; throttle signals loss protection.
- Good power-on safety performance: the motor will not start immediately no matter the throttle stick is in any position when power on.
- Over-heat protection: the output power will auto-power reduce when the temperature reaches 120℃ during the operation of ESC. The output power will automatic recover when the temperature under 120℃.
- Compatible with all transmitters control settings; support programming settings.
- The smallest size and minimum weight under the same current specifications.
- High performance with competitive price.

Package Included:
1 x HTIRC Hornet Series 30A Brushless ESC

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