TrackStar Brushless Motor Analyser

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TrackStar Brushless Motor Analyser
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The TrackStar Brushless Motor Analyser is one of those tools that when you have one you wonder how you ever did without it. It doesn't matter if you are a pro racer, a basher, FPV racer, aerial photographer, 3D pilot or a park flyer, knowing how your motor is really working is critical for performance and maintenance. This motor analyser can quickly give you a snapshot of the key elements of your motors health and performance. 

This is a great tool for helping you decide which motor to run when you have a few to choose from as it allows you to see the motor's true KV and RPM. 

Multi-rotor pilots can use the analyser to make sure they have all their motors matched as closely as possible, instead of just relying on how they sound or using the flight controller to keep them balanced. 

If you're unsure whether you should swap the bearings out of your motor this tool has a noise level checking function which you can use to check the change in noise over the lifetime of the motor. If the motor gets noisy the bearings need changing or cleaning.

Another great feature of the motor timing checker is that it allows you to accurately see the timing advancements you make and what they are actually doing. Every manufacturer uses different graduations, the motor checker measures the actual timing change so there is no need to guess and you can then see how changes in the timing affect the RPM and KV of the motor.

There is also a Hall Effect Sensor checking tool so you can easily determine if there is a fault in the sensor plug of the motor, the sensor lead or the ESC. 

This is a tool you will want to keep on your work bench or pit table at all times.

• KV measurement
• RPM measurement
• Voltage measurement
• Ampere measurement
• Motor Timing Checking: both average and phase timing
• Noise level checking
• Hall Effect sensor test

Input voltage: 7.4~8.4V (2S Lipoly battery)
KV value: +/- 3%
Motor timing accuracy: +/- 4%
Motor timing range: 0~70°C
Noise level measurement range: 60~120dB
Support motor: 2~36pole sensor/sensorless brushless motor
Dimension: 136.5mmx80.6mmx24.5mm
Weight: 282g

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