Turnigy Light L250 5.8GHz 250mW FPV Transmitter for GoPro 3/3 plus

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Turnigy Light L250 5.8GHz 250mW FPV Transmitter for GoPro 3/3 plus

A great way to get even more versatility from your GoPro 3 or 3+ action camera!

This super-light audio/video transmitter will fit right on to your GoPro and transform it into a stand-alone FPV camera/transmitter device.

Plugs straight into the USB and HDMI ports on your GoPro, the Light transmitter gives you a choice of 32 channels to transmit on, selected by using the button on the side of the unit. The selected channel is clearly indicated by the LED lights on the board.

Power is supplied by an independent battery to avoid RF interference and to allow you to select the most suitable battery for your intended use.

For even more flexibility, the L250 has an auxiliary input for a second camera to be connected via the supplied lead.

• Direct connection to GoPro 3/3+
• Super light - less than 7g
• 32 Channels
• 1000m range
• Bright LED channel indication
• Single LiPoly cell operation

Transmitting Frequency: 5.6~5.9GHz
Input Voltage: 3.5~5.2V
Operating current: 360mA @ 3.7V
RF Output: 250mW
Video Bandwidth: 8M
Audio Encoder: 6.5M
Range: 1000m
Antenna connector: SMA
Operating Temperature: -20~85°C
Size:  41 x 20 x 16mm (including USB/HDMI plugs)
Weight: 5.8g (without antenna and leads)

Light L250 FPV transmitter
Auxiliary input/battery lead

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