HobbyKing™ Skipper XL All Terrain Airplane EPO 864mm (Kit)

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HobbyKing™ Skipper XL All Terrain Airplane EPO 864mm (Kit)
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HobbyKing™ Skipper XL All Terrain Airplane EPO 864mm (Kit) HobbyKing™ Skipper XL All Terrain Airplane EPO 864mm (Kit) Europe HobbyKing Out Of Stock $108.62
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Does size matter?

Well, we don't know either, but the HobbyKing™ Skipper just got bigger!

Just like its smaller sibling, the Skipper XL is capable of operating from almost any surface including water, ice, snow, grass and more, making it an incredibly versatile model. With its super low wing loading and high performance brushless power system the Skipper XL is an absolute blast to fly!

The installed power system (PNF version) provides more than enough power for water or grass take-offs and provides unlimited vertical performance. Large control surfaces give great control authority and make for a wide flight envelope.

Molded from ultra-tough EPO foam, the model is lightweight and durable. The wing halves are joined through the fuselage with twin carbon fiber spars providing excellent rigidity. The fuselage of the Skipper has a flat bottom for easy take offs from any surface and features a hydrodynamic step to allow for easy water handling.

A large, removable cockpit cover gives fantastic access to the forward compartment for batteries etc and has a transparent canopy for a semi-scale appearance. This cockpit cover can be replaced by an alternative, custom designed plywood FPV equipment platform (see related items) to quickly transform your Skipper XL into an all-terrain FPV vehicle.

Access hatches are also provided mid-fuselage and in the motor nacelle for easy installation and maintenance.

The Skipper XL is available in "Plug and Fly" and kit form allowing you get into the air as quickly as possible, or to cutomize your set-up to your own requirements. 

• Ultra durable EPO foam construction
• Plug and Fly - simply add your own radio system and 3~4S LiPoly battery
• All terrain flight ability - capable of flying from water, snow, ice, grass and more
• Fully sectioned airfoil on wing and stabilizer
• Twin carbon fiber wing spars
• Plywood tail sub-structure
• Motor and elevator servo extension wires pre-installed
• Simple access to all equipment
• Molded PVC protector for fuselage bottom
• Colorful decal set
• Hardware included
• Easy to assemble

Wingspan: 864mm
Length: 1169mm
AUW: 1020g

4 Channel transmitter and receiver (min)
3~4s 2200~ 3000 mAh LiPoly battery
Suitable charger
FPV equipment (optional)
4 x 9~12g servos
40A ESC with BEC (min)
3536 1000kv brushless motor
1 x Propeller (8 x 4~8 x 6 recommended)
Foam safe adhesive

!!!! NOTE: When switching the ESC to reverse mode ensure the motor has come to a complete stop before switching to avoid damaging the ESC.

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