Protective Alloy Case for GoPro w/M6 Mount

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Protective Alloy Case for GoPro w/M6 Mount

We all know the GoPro as a tough little cookie when it comes to capturing those dare-devil action shots; but what do you do when the next mission looks tougher than usual?

Simple, stick your little buddy in a suit of armour with this tough, all alloy protective case!

Machined to allow easy access to all of the camera functions and maintaining a clear view from the lens and with a 6mm metric threaded mounting point on the base, this case gives you peace of mind when you send your favourite action camera into the thick of it!

• Purpose made to fit the GoPro
• M6 bolt mounting
• Tough, all alloy design
• Access to all camera functions
• Bolt together case
• Lens shield

Dimensions: 69 x 49 x 35mm
Weight: 42g

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