Voltage Booster 5V/2A

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Voltage Booster 5V/2A

This is a compact, high-efficiency, synchronous step up converter for a single-cell Li-ion/LiPoly battery. It can boost the voltage to 5V, allowing you to run a receiver on a single cell LiPoly.

• Use for boosting the 1S Li-ion or LiPoly to 5V
• Synchronous step-up converter
• Guaranteed 2A Output Current at VOUT = 5V from 3.3V Input
• Reverse input polarity protection
• Over-temperature protection
• Power supply for receiver

Input Voltage: 3V - 4.2V DC
Output Voltage: 5V 2A
Pins Distance: 2.54mm
Standby Current: <5mA
Size:  27x15x3mm
Weight: 2g

1 x Module

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