2 In1 Door Bell Welcome Entry Bell Alarm Chime Doorbell Wireless Infrared Monitor Sensor Detector

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Description :

2 In1 Door Bell Welcome Entry Bell Alarm Chime Doorbell Wireless Infrared Monitor Sensor Detector

Features : 
1. It is used to place this unit on backyard, porch, garage, room, baseroom, patrol etc.
2. It detects movements and sends a signal to the receiver from up to 400 feet away.
3. Alerts you when someone enters your driveway, such as visitors, vehicles, intruders, animals or kids coming or going.
4. Advanced notice when someone or something enters before they surprise you.
5. Scare them away! The tune set on high itself can scare unwanted visitors away.
6. Use it to monitor any area inside or outside, It’s wireless so you can place it anywhere in the house and even take it from room to room.
7. Will alert business owners, working in the back, to customers entering their store.
8. Cordless, just turn it on.
9. Motion activated.
10. Wall mountable.
11. Low consumption.

Specifacations :
1. Sensor operating voltage : DC 3V (2 x AA Batteries are not included)
2. Receiver Operating voltage : DC 9V (Batteries are not included)
3. The transmission frequency : 315MHZ
4. Transmission Distance : 100 meters (in open area without obstacles, without interference environment)
5. Infrared sensor distance : 3-7 meters
6.Music bell : Classic Song
7.Sensor Size : 90 x 62 x 47mm
8.Receiver Size : 90 x 67 x 26mm
9.Color : White
Follow the steps for usage
1. place the correct batteries in the detector in the receiver units
2. Make sure that the batteries have been put in the proper positions.
3. Mount the detecet properly by the front door,window frame,driveway.walkpath,backyard or anywhete you need.
4. Then switch on the receiver and adjust the volume to either hi or lo position.
5. Now the remote detective system is opetrating with the infrared detect technology
6. Plance the receiver in an easy to reach place.
7. When the detecet senses motion,the receiver will make an audible souned the LED light will flash.
8. Please wait for 30seconds after switching on detective receiver to activate.
9. Pleasse install both units 3 feet above grornd level for optimal performance .
Package Included : 
1 x wireless sensor
2 x wireless receiver
1 x Mounting Swivel
1 x Manual
Details pictures :

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