Staufenbiel MANTIS 2900mm ARF

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Staufenbiel MANTIS 2900mm ARF

The Staufenbiel Mantis is a high performance glider with V-tail, flaps and an HQ-airfoil.
When developing the Mantis our main goal was to make it a perfect glider mainly for thermal flights. The very stiff double V-shaped wing gives the Mantis best circling flight performance. Light aerobatics are no problem also due to the stiff abachi sheeted wings.

The Mantis comes with a quality fuselage which is painted in the mold. It is reinforced with carbon fiber reinforcement on high stressed parts like the canopy frame. The cooling in- and outtakes are ensuring that the electronics don’t get too hot.
The wings are styro/abachi construction covered with genuine ORACOVER. The design of the covering is chosen to give best visibility in the sky.

The combination of the airfoil, the V-Tail and the flaps make the MANTIS a perfect thermal glider.

You can get the MANTIS as ARF version as well as a PNP version. Both versions have a high degree of prefabrication and are quickly built due to the detailed manual. The PNP version comes with an already built-in DYMOND GTX-3546/910 kV motor as well as six built-in and wired DYMOND D 260 metal geared Servos, ready installed cable beams with MPX-connectors and Multilock wing lock system. Also included in the PNP version is a Reisenauer spinner and an Aeronaut 13x6,5 folding prop.


    High performance thermal glider with V-Tail and flaps
    Very stiff foam core / abachi sheeted wing with airfoil HQ 2,5 / 9
    In mold painted fuselage with carbon fiber reinforcements
    Wide fuselage with cooling in- and outtakes
    Wings sheeted with genuine ORACOVER
    Built in DYMOND GTX-3546/910 kV motor (only PNP version)
    6 DYMOND D-260 MG servos built in in servo frames and connected to the cable beam (only PNP version)
    MPX connectors built in in fuselage and wing to ensure a very easy connection of the wing servos (only PNP version)
    Installed Multilock wing lock system (only PNP version)
    Included folding propeller, middlepart and spinner (only PNP version)
    Detailed manual in German, English and French
Specifications: Wingspan approx.: 2900 mm Fuselage length approx.: 1290 mm Weight (ready to fly): 2300 g Wing area approx.: 68,0 dm² Airfoil: HQ 2,5 / 9 Center of gravity: 85 - 89 mm RC-Function/accessory recommendation: Elevator: 2x D 260 Siderudder: 1x D 260 Aileron: 1x D 260 Flaps: 2x D 260 Motor: 1 x 65 A Needed to complete: Radio: min. 6-Channel Receiver: min. 6-Channel Motor: Dymond GTX-3546 (910 kV) ESC: Dymond Profi Evo 65A Servos: 6x Dymond D 260 MG Propeller: 13 x 6,5" Spinner: Reisenauer 45mm Batteries: Dymond LiPo 2400-3000mAh 3S Charger: Dymond Power 80

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