HORIZON HobbyZone Conscendo S SAFE 1500mm BNF

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HORIZON HobbyZone Conscendo S SAFE 1500mm BNF

Earn your glider wings behind the sticks of the HobbyZone® Conscendo™ S motor glider. Built from lightweight and durable Z-Foam™ material and equipped with a 1.5-meter wing the Conscendo™ S makes hitting max altitude easy and fun. This intuitive trainer gives you the freedom of 4-channel control and SAFE® technology. With SAFE, you can progress through multiple flight modes and instantly return to steady flight with the push of a button using Panic Recovery Mode. Whenever you fly, the brushless Conscendo motor makes it easy to gain altitude while an extended range 2.4GHz connection keeps you searching for thermals, even from afar. Just launch and climb to your desired altitude, bring down the throttle, watch the propeller fold and you're ready to catch thermal updrafts. It's that easy.


    Everything you need to fly RC today
    SAFE™ technology from Horizon Hobby
    Recovery with the push of a button with Panic Recovery mode
    Proportional 4-channel control with working throttle, rudder, elevator, and aileron
    Full-range 4-channel 2.4GHz transmitter
    Li-Po battery for long flight times on a single charge
    Impact-resistant, durable Z-Foam™ construction
    Folding propeller
    1.5m Wingspan
    DC fast charger with AC power supply included
    Potent 370-size brushed motor
Specifications: Wingspan approx.: 1500 mm Fuselage length approx.: 1005 mm Weight (ready to fly): 581 g Wing area approx.: 26,1 dm² Type of construction/material wing: Z-Foam Type of construction/material fuselage: Z-Foam Box contents: Accessories built-in/included: built-in Receiver: Spektrum AR636 SAFE Motor: 370 Brushless Outrunner ESC: 18 A Servos: 2x PKZ1081, 2x PKZ1080 Propeller: incl. Spinner: incl. Batteries: LiPo 1300mAh 2S Charger: 2S LiPo RC-Function/accessory recommendation: Elevator: 1x PKZ1080 (incl.) Siderudder: 1x PKZ1080 (incl.) Aileron: 2x PKZ1081 (incl.) Motor: 1x 18 A (incl.) Needed to complete: Radio: Spektrum DSMX min. 4-Channel

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