TEAM ORION Advantage Touch Pro 12VDC Charger

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TEAM ORION Advantage Touch Pro 12VDC Charger


    Input Voltage: DC 12-18V
    Charging Capability: LiPo/LiFe/LiIon 1-6 cells, NiMH/NiCd 1-16 cells, Pb 2-20V
    Functions: charge, discharge, storage, cycle, balance
    Screen: Spectra TFT 400x240 color touch screen
    Intuitive ATTS Advanced Touch Technology Software
    Microprocessor controlled advanced digital circuit
    Adjustable charge current and cut-off voltage
    Adjustable discharge current and cut-off voltage
    Charge and discharge curve graphic engine
    Advanced Stand Alone Balancing
    Balancing: adjustable on/off
    Charge Assistant
    HPC High Precision Charging System
    Charge and discharge data storage for later review
    Cycle modes: C->D, D->C, D->C->D
    Multi-Protection System: Input and output reverse polarity protection
    Multi Language Menu (updatable via USB port)
    Adjustable automatic delta-peak charge cutoff
    Temperature monitoring and cut-off (optional)
    Battery Type: 1–6S LiFe, LiIon, LiPo; 1–16 NiCd, NiMH; 2–20V Pb
    Input Voltage: 12V DC
    Normal/Standard Charge Rate: 0.1-12A (150W max)
    Cooling Method: 3 high-power cooling fans
    Maximum Current: 0.1-20A (100W max)
    LCD: Graphic display with touch
    Overload Protection: Yes
    Peak: Yes

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