12V 4.5W Portable Power Solar Panel Battery Charger

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12V 4.5W Portable Power Solar Panel Battery Charger

12V 4.5W Portable Power Solar Panel Battery Charger


Product is for your car battery, notebook computer or other 12V rechargeable battery designed for emergency charging devices, trickle charge the battery with the solar power.
Lightweight, environmental and safe
With two elastic straps of the back, convenient to set in the sun visor, you can sunshade and charge the car battery at the same time
Great for outdoor work or travel or camping training


1. Be sure to note when using the product is negative and the positive must be consistent with the charging products
2. If no professionals, please do not go trying to change the product
3. The products are used to trickle charge the car battery, it is mainly used to supplement the power that loss by the car battery self-discharge, so you can always start the car. Do not try to make it to no battery charging or charge the battery itself is shortage.


Power Consumption: 12V 4.5W
Output Voltage: Over 18V DC
Output Current: Over 250mA (Light source in 10000LUX)
Best Working Time: 9:00 AM~5:00PM
Material: Monocrystal
Size: 320 x 120 x 6mm
Solar Panel Cable Size: Approx. 460mm
Sucker Diameter: 35mm
Alligator Clips Wire Length: About 3m
Car charging Wire Length: About 3m
Net Weight(Solar Panel): 148g
Package Weight: 339g

Package included:

1 x 4.5w Solar Panel
1 x Alligator Clips Wire
1 x Car Charger Cigarette Lighter Plug
2 x Suckers
1 x English Manual

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