12 Volt 8.5W Solar Panel Battery Charger

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12 Volt 8.5W Solar Panel Battery Charger

12 Volt 8.5W Solar Panel Battery Charger
This product is designed to supply power for outdoor 12V applications, such as automobile, Camping car, marine, Motor etc. It can charge your motor battery and keep enough capacity to protect the battery. It is convenient, environment, safety to maintenance your car battery at anywhere.
-High quality, imported high conversion efficiency panel
-Fit 12V battery, working temperature 0-60 ℃, back flow protection.
-Convenient and practical
-Safety and environment
-Can work in bad condition
-Long span life
-Easy to use
-Material: single crystal or polycrystalline silicon solar panels
-Product size: 375 x 185 x 5mm
-Solar panels to power consumption: 12V 8.5W
-No-load voltage: 18-23VDC
-Load voltage: 12V
-Output current: up to more than the standard light source 10000LUX 450mA
Package Included:
1 x 12V Solar Battery Charger
1 x Cigarette Adapter
1 x USB plug
1 x Crocodile clips
2 x Sucker

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