Tamiya 1/10 Scale Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406 U900/CR01 Series Kit 58414

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Tamiya 1/10 Scale Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406 U900/CR01 Series Kit 58414
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R/C car fans have long been modifying their machines into rock crawlers. Tamiya has followed this ever growing fraternity with interest and are now proud to present the results of their R&D work. The new crawler features a Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406 body made from lightweight polycarbonate mounted on the CR-01 chassis.

The CR01 chassis features a tough ladder frame with aluminum side channels and resin cross members, 4-link suspension with aluminum rods, 4WD system with lockable differentials, massive off-road tires with sidewall tread pattern and dependable beadlock wheels.

The CR01 chassis features a 4-link rigid suspension along with front and rear stabilizers which ensures excellent performance. The tires feature foam inserts and have an additional tread pattern on the sidewalls to provide maximum grip in rock crawling environments, the tires are mounted on 3-piece beadlock wheels to prevent them coming off the rims.

The damper system is actuated via pushrods and rocker arms while the coil springs help to maintain a controllable stance. The steering servo is mounted above the axle in an innovative way to reduce interference with the suspension movement.

The compact gearbox transfers power to all 4 wheels and its small size enables lower battery position for a perfectly balanced center of gravity. The front and rear 3-bevel diffs can be locked to provide the ultimate level of off-road traction.
• Realistic ladder frame chassis with aluminum side rails and resin cross members
• 4WD system with lockable differentials
• 4-link suspension with aluminum push rods
• Massive off road tires with sidewall tread pattern and 3 piece beadlock wheels
• Axle mounted steering servo for smooth interference free movement
• Accurately reproduced polycarbonate bodyshell

Dimensions: 435 x 265 x 280mm
Weight: 2325g
Wheelbase: 288mm
Drive Train: Shaft-driven 4WD
Diff Gear: 3-bevel diff (standard locked setting)
Gearbox: Planetary type
Suspension: Front / rear 4-link rigid
Dampers: Front / rear CVA oil dampers
Gear Ratio: 1:40.5
Speed Controller: Brushed ESC (required)
Motor: 540 Brushed Type

1 x 2 channel transmitter and receiver
1 x 7.2v stick pack battery & charger
1 x Standard size high-torque steering servo
1 x Brushed ESC

Please Note: This item is in kit form and requires building

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