5mm Supra X Gold Bullet Connectors (10 pairs)

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5mm Supra X Gold Bullet Connectors (10 pairs) 5mm Supra X Gold Bullet Connectors (10 pairs) Europe HobbyKing Out Of Stock $20.38
48 g
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These Supra X bullet connectors are a must for the modellers who are after the ultimate in a high voltage/high current demand connector.

Coated in 24K gold they offer low resistance, large contact area, recessed wire cavity, solder window and a positive "click" when pushed together.

Superb connectors for all high power applications including motors, ESC's, batteries, power-meters and chargers.

•High voltage
•High current
•Large surface contact
•Recessed wire cavity
•Solder window
•Positive "Click" when pushed together

Peak current: 160A
Continuous current: 120A
Suits wire: 10 ~ 12AWG
Finish: 24K Gold Flash
Quantity: 10 pairs

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