4 Channel Trainer for Coach and Student (Dual RX Controller)

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4 Channel Trainer for Coach and Student (Dual RX Controller)

The 4 channel trainer allows for pilot training in complete safety as the coach or instructor can take control of the plane at any time.

This system doesn’t require the coach and student to use the same brand of transmitter or receiver.

The plane is fitted with two receivers (one for coach and the other for the student) that are connected to this device and then to the control surfaces and esc/motor. The coach determines who has control of the plane via a switch on their transmitter.

This has many potential applications, for instance, for safe FPV flying, this will allow your observer to take over the flight at the flick of a switch if need be. The unit is small and light as well as simple and fast to set up and isnt much more expensive than many buddy leads!

• Coach and student don’t require same brand of TX/RX
• Coach determines who has control of plane

Working Voltage: 3.7-8.4V
Load Current: 10A
Dimensions: 50x27x9.3mm
Weight: 6.3g

1 x PCB
9 x male to male JR style servo leads

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