HMG MA3D 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal for Mobius Camera

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HMG MA3D 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal for Mobius Camera

The HMG MA3D 3 axis gimbal is lightweight and perfect for aerial photography.  If you are looking for an excellent entry level 3 axis gimbal with fantastic features, the HMG MA3D is the gimbal for you.

Customers should note that this model is designed for the Mobius type action camera.  

• 3-axis high performance gimbal
•  Precision brushless motor driver
•  Independent GCU and IMU
•  Light-weight
•  Does not require debugging
•  Comes with AV input & output connections
•  Mobius Action Support frame
•  Yaw-Axis Follow

Weight: 220g(Mobius action camera not included)
GCU Input power : 12V
Controlled Rotation Range
Tilt axis control: -90~ +30°
Yaw axis control:-180~+180°(Non-continuous rotation)
Roll axis control:-25~+25°

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