JIYI P2 Multirotor Autopilot Flight Control System (V2)

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JIYI P2 Multirotor Autopilot Flight Control System (V2)
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332 g
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Looking for an inexpensive auto pilot system with all of the functionality of a professional big brand system? The JIYI P2 Auto pilot system will definatly fit the bill!

The P2 Auto pilot system is packed with features and flight modes that will transform your multirotor and will provide you with a professional flying experience with all of the safety features and flight modes of the market leading systems.

The P2 system is suitable for multirotors with a maximum diameter of 800mm and suits many of the commonly used multirotor configurations including, X Type quads and hexcopter. 

The system offers superior stability and precise spot hovering making it perfect for your aerial photography and videography. With several flight modes the P2 system covers a multitude of flying styles from novice to the budding aerial photographer and advanced sport flyer. 

The P2 system offers USB connectivity and is compatible with windows XP, SP3 and Windows 7, which will allow you to configure and fine tune your multirotor. The V2 version has revised firmware for improved overall performance.

• Supports PPM, PWM and SBUS Receivers
• Provides superior stability and precise spot hovering
• Supports multirotor type aircraft with rotor diameter up to 800mm
• Designed for X-type and hexcopter
• Supports PWM ESC below 490hz
• Suits PCM or 2.4Ghz radio systems
• Compatible with windows XP, SP3, Windows 7
• Flight modes: GPS, headless mode, intelligent direction mode, Hover and return to home.
• Low voltage protection
• Micro USB connectivity

Working Voltage: Main controller 4.8V ~ 5.5V
LED/ Power Module: Input 7.4v ~ 6V (recommend 2S~6S LiPo) Output 2A @ 5V
Power Consumption: <2W
Working Temperature: 0C – 60c
Storage Temperature: -40C +60c
Hovering Tolerance: Horizontal level ±2m, vertical Level ±0.8m
Maximum Tilting Angle: 30°
Maximum Vertical Speed: 6m/s

Component Weight:
Main Controller: 32g
GPS/Compass Module: 32g
LED/Power Module: 20g
Main Controller: 48 × 38 × 17mm
GPS/Compass Module: 54 × 15mm
LED/Power Module: 30 × 28 × 10mm

Package Contains:
Main Controller
GPS Compass Module
LED Power module
Jumper cables
Fixtures and fittings
USB Cable

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