Flyline Room Raiders - Golden Eagle P51D

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Flyline Room Raiders - Golden Eagle P51D

Flyline Room Raiders is a complete Indoor Flight System that brings you the most exciting indoor races and dogfights possible with real RC planes.

You control the speed and elevator as the patented RTP (round the pole) system helps pilots of all ages and experience levels become flying aces.  Everything you need to get started is included in the box and it is easy to set up in just minutes. 

There are two control settings, one for beginner and one for advanced.  The beginner level makes control much easier while the advanced setting allows greater manoeuvreability and from there its just lots of flying fun!  With Flyline Room Raiders you can also add more planes for air races and even dogfights and the set comes with a circular mat that prompts kids to have different types of races and battles.

Flyline Room Raiders is the perfect gift for all the family to enjoy and if you have a little budding r/c pilot then what better way to introduce him to radio control flying!  

1 x Flyline Room Raiders System
1 x Golden Eagle P51D

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