TS100 Mini Electric Soldering Iron Programmable Smart Digital LCD Adjustable Temperature

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TS100 Mini Electric Soldering Iron Programmable Smart Digital LCD Adjustable Temperature
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TS100 Mini Electric Soldering Iron Programmable Smart Digital LCD Adjustable Temperature

1. TS100 employed 304 stainless steel, integrated DC5525 12-24V port, safety circuit design, anti-static structure and dual-temperature accelerated sensors with STM32 chip built-in a shell made of Polycarbonate plastic.
2. Temperature can be controlled accurate, stable and easy adjusted from 100 to 400°c, also the TS100 can be in sleep mode and over-heating warning automatically.
3. Soldering tip heating end: An internal-heating core for solering tip. Pocket appearance gets more convenience.
4. Soldering iron tips can be replaceable for 4 types-- K / D24 / BC2 / B2 tips etc. Choosing the right tips will help you to work more efficient.
5. External power supply: DC5525 power port is compatible with DC 12-24V Laptop AC Adapter/Power Bank/Car Power.
6. Micro USB port interface: Reset the config file to design your own temperature-rising curves and custom function.

Item Mini Soldering Iron
Brand Minidso
Model TS100
Power 65W
Input Power 12-24V
Preset Temperature 300 degrees (factory setting)
Sleeping Temperature 200 degrees (factory setting)
Temperature Range 100 - 400 degrees (max)
Temperature Stability ±2%
Operation Temperature under Heat 40 degrees
Soldering tip resistance to the ground <2Ω
Additional function Application layer open source
Screen OLED
USB Interface Micro USB port
The Power Interface DC5525 port
Control Part Length: 96mm; Diameter: 16.5mm
Heating Part Length: 72+33mm; Diameter: 5.5mm
The Whole Length 168mm
Weight 33g (power adaptor not included)
TS100 soldering tip and power supply:
Tip Types  TS-K/ TS-D24/ TS-BC2/ TS-B2
DC5255 External Power Supply:
Input 100-240V; 50/60Hz
Output 19V; 2.1A

The Reference:
Working Voltage Max power Max Current Heating Up Time
12V 17W >1.4A 40S
16V 30W >1.9A 20S
19V 40W >2.1A 15S
24V 65W >2.7A 11S

1. All soldering iron tips have passed a heating test before sale, which may normally result in a yellowish or grayish heating end.
2. When the operation temperature is higher than the reset temperayure (Max), then the OLED screen will show you: Warning!
3. When you use the TS100 soldering iron continuously more than 40 minutes over 350 degrees, the temperture of the handle will reach 50-60 degrees.
4. When the soldering iron is heating, do not touch the tip, to prevent scalding. And do not change the tips when the soldering iron power up.

Package Includes:
1x Soldering iron
1x Soldering tip
1x Instructions
1x Service card
1x Hexagonal Screw Key

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