Arkbird Autopilot 2.0 FPV Flight Controller With Airspeed Meter Set

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Arkbird Autopilot 2.0 FPV Flight Controller With Airspeed Meter Set
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Arkbird Autopilot 2.0 FPV Flight Controller With Airspeed Meter Set

Connection Diagram:

Arkbird 2.0 flight controller is the high-precision balancer specially for RC Airplane.It can not only add the data information(OSD) on the video,but can high precision control the airplane's actions,such as balance and return. Super self-stabilizing system,plug and play design allows you to be free from worry and trouble. With digital high precision airspeed meter,can measure the relative speed of the air and the airplane.

Brand Name: Arkbird
Item Name: Autopilot 2.0
Flight Controller Dimension: 60x40x20mm 
Flight Controller Weight: 27.7g
Airspeed Meter Dimension: 80x15x10mm
Airspeed Meter Weight: 5.4g
M8N GPS Dimension: 44x34x12mm
M8N GPS Weight: 19g
The Whole Set Weight(included the wires): 106g
Type: The 
galvanometer has XT60 / T plug(optional)
Usage: Specially designed for RC Airplane

New Upgrade:
- With high precision digital airspeed meter,with airspeed, ground speed protection control
- With high-grade ABS fire-retardant material shell,double CPU design,optimize the seismic performance of the transducer.
- Integrated HD OSD interface,graphical scroll flying interface 
- and integrated AAT module,Can be used with the Arkbird AAT ground side directly
- English-Chinese menu is more convenient to the user's operation and use
- 7 channels input,7 channels output,with gimbal stabilization output
- Intelligent flap control,flap slow release,can set up the flap control speed,can 1-7 channel mix control
- More mix control way including delta wing,v-tail mix control,double wings,differential steering,and butterfly brake mixing control(1247 channels mix control).
- Independent analog RSSI port (0-3.3v) and PPM port,support Arkbird 433 10 channel + RSSI single wire transmission.

8 Basic Functions:
Industrial reliable design,onboard voltage reduce chip,"ESC+reduction voltage" dual power supply,double reliable.
Inertial measurement unit, air pressure set high.
Can be put flatwise or sidelong,suitable for the model with narrow space.
Super easy debugging,adaptive control algorithm,save complex tuning process.
OSD displays data,transmitter rocker adjust parameter.
A variety of custom displays,such as radar coordination,real-time compass,flight time,skyline,consumed electric quantity, etc.
One key to balance,intelligent lock Angle system.
One key to return,automatically return when out of control.

10 Extended Functions:
Assisted throwing takeoff mode 
Fence mode
Waypoint mode
Airplane hanging mode
Air route set high and orientation
Intelligent flap control
Flying wing butterfly control
Data record
3D gyroscope mode
Gimbal stability augmentation

- Initiate FPV free soldering install,plug and play.Avoid messy wiring,virtual welding and other issues,can greatly reduce installation time and reduce the error.
- One integrated barometer, OSD data, with balance, return, gyro stability augmentation, crane mode, route mode (set high directional), waypoint autopilot flight, fencing mode, assisted takeoff and many other useful features to meet a variety of flight need.
- High-performance 32-bit CPU, built-in intelligent adaptive control algorithm, can be stable without complicated PID debugging. Rocker + OSD parameter adjustment.
- Good control performance and stability,suitable for almost all the airplanes.

For the first time use must follow these steps:
Please don't let the nozzle close to the body and the propeller when install to avoid 
airflow interference, After power on,in 10 seconds,it will automatically calibrate,in the meanwhile please do not touch the nozzle.

Power on after being installed and checked,it will enter mandatory star search interface (couldn't control ),can manually exit when debugging,then you can adjust the positive and negative rudder value,balance mode positive and negative auxiliary quantity. Sensor level calibration,set receiver failsafe function to achieve "Out of control and returning".Calibrate OSD voltage display value,check if OSD horizon is consistent with the actual horizon,check if the number of satellites,the voltage value and other important parameter are correct,after finishing these,you can begin your flight.

First flight we suggest to take off with "manual mode",and switch to "balance mode" when level flight to check whether the flight is stable. If it is stable,switch to "return mode",according to the OSD parameter to check whether the return is normal.Please pay attention to the important parameters ( wellness value,satellite number,speed and height).

Package Included:
1x Arkbird 2.0 autopilot flight controller 
1x Airspeed meter
1x Galvanometer
1x M8N GPS
1x Cable set

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