Mini Electric Carving Tools Engraving Grinder Speed Regulating

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Mini Electric Carving Tools Engraving Pen Electric Grinder Speed Regulating 
Collect capacity: 0.5~3.2mm
Max.Dia. of grinding wheel ≤10mm
Quantity: 1
Power: 180W
Rated Voltage:110V-220V AC
Cycle: 50~60HZ
RPM: 8000--30,000/ min
Drill Type:Mini Drill
Features: Polishing, trimming, engraving, cutting, drilling, markup, drawing.
Application: Stainless steel, Porcelain, stone, glass, plastic, wood, aluminum gift, bracelet, etc.

Packing List:

 1PC Flexible shaft, Tool box, Cloth whee, Electric grinding, Impeller, Oilstone,  Wrench,  Tapping screw, Wool grinding head,  Soft shaft lock wrench, Rubber abrasive dis
2PCS Rubber wheel,   Milling cutter
3PCS Wire brush,  Copper wire brush, Polishing compound,  Connection clip stem
4PCS Copper chuck
5PCS  Wool polishing wheel, Netting
6PCS Aiguille
8PCS Diamond grinding needle
10PCS Big sand paper, Small sand paper, Grinding wheel head
12PCS Polish sheet
72PCS  3 cans Resin cutting

Light-weight design for precise operation.
Quiet and Smooth.
Portable & Easy to carry out.
Scope:  Manual sculpture, polished jade/stone/glass/wood/computer case/ circuit boards/PC material drilling.
It also can be used  in punching for thin copper plate, aluminum plate,wood, plastic board, fiberboard, printed circuit board, epoxy plate.

WARNING: Do not engage shaft lock while the rotary tool is running.

Package included:
1x Mini Electric Carving Tools

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