9 Inch C Type Welding Clamp Crimping Pliers Woodworking Clip

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9 Inch C Type Wrench Welding Clamp Crimping Pliers Woodworking Clip Plastic Handle
Material: 45 # steel
Surface: Nickel Plating
Size: 9 Inch--230x35x55mm
Weight: 420G

Total Length: 230mm
Maximum Opening: 35mm
Throat Deepth: 55mm

Purpose: fitter/welders clamping sheet welding, woodworking replacement G clamp fast clamping plate/box etc.

Drop forged heat treated steel, tough, durable.
Surface nickel plated, durability.
Heavy duty design.    
Swivel pads on arms move to grip uneven surfaces and adjust to odd angles
Simply turn the screw to adjust pressure and hold it for repetitive use.
Use the guarded release trigger for quick unlocking without worries about accidental releasing.
Clamps with plastic handle feel comfortabl, safe and non-slip.
Use for all sorts of welding or woodworking jobs.

Package included:
1x 9 Inch Vise Grip Pliers

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